Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Why Bush is currently leading

A few points to ponder as the polls show a Bush lead:
1. Iraq: No one seems to be paying attention. Over 1000 Americans dead, which makes Bush responsible for 25% of the American casualty in the so-called War on Terror.The media is asking Kerry to produce a plan for what he would do. Could we have the same question put to Bush?
2. The economy: Even by the most conservative numbers, there are hundreds of thousands of jobs that have disappeared on the Bush/Cheney watch. Why is Bush no running based on his past? If a Bush white house is a good thing, why doesn't he point out the progress made by his administration.
3. GWOT (aka Global War On Terror): Where is Osama? What is the level of support our troops around Afghanistan are getting? What is the status of Al Qaida? What about the recent bombing in Malaysia. Sure, there hasn't been an attack on US soil since September 11th but it looks like Al Qaida is active. What are we doing about it?
4. Reshape the dialogue: The republicans are turning this race into a referendum on John Kerry. Why is that? Let's not forget who's been in the White house for the last four years.


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