Friday, September 17, 2004

Sacrifice in Times of War

An interesting post at Escapable logic about the way to fight the Iraqi war. It does make sense but will it work? We are told that the country is at war so wouldn't sacrifice from all of us be warranted. If it is, then why are people looking for more tax cuts. There are American soldiers in Iraq currently putting their life on the line. They need our support. Two ways we can do this: one is repeal tax cuts, the other is impose a war tax. The funds would then be earmarked to support the conflict. I'm not a big fan of this war but now that we're in it, we have to go out and do our best to support our troops (and I don't mean bringing them back, which would only further the trouble in Iraq.)

Another thing to look at is whether we can go it alone. At the current time, the US is carrying most of this war. Would a change in leadership leave other countries more open to listening to us? That's an interesting question. I'm not sure of the answer. Maybe that's the case, maybe it isn't. But I do believe that no one really wants an ustable Iraq. The question is whether personal rancor (as is probably the case between leaders of the countries that opposed the war and the ones that supported it) is getting in the way. How do we solve this?


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