Thursday, September 16, 2004

No debates on the network?

No matter what party or candidate you're for, it seems important that everyone get a chance to see them debate. However, the networks have not decided whether to carry the debates or not. While this is probably in violation of their edict to serve the public (in exchange for the broadcast rights they get), there may be a way to get them to step back in line: Sign this petition.

Update: Let me rephrase that... if you're a Republican, you might not want the debates to happen, according to Newsweek (which seems to be biased here):
But there's a [...] reason Bush wants to spend valuable time debating debates. It runs down the clock on discussion of important stuff, like his record in office. The debate over debates is a classic "campaign issue" as opposed to a "real issue." Campaign issues have little to do with how a candidate would perform as president; they are manufactured by the campaigns to score points. The media, particularly cable TV (which drives so much of the agenda nowadays), make it worse by favoring hot-button stories over complex, hard-to-illustrate real problems that the next president can actually work on.
So, you decide...


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