Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The issues

Matt Stoller has an interesting entry on the issues. While I agree that Democrats confuse issues with policy, it seems Republicans also are not focusing on issues. What are Democratic vs. Republican issues. From a high level, I'd say it breaks down as follows:

1. Do you want lower taxes or balanced budgets? (Republican vs. Democrat)
2. Do you believe homosexuals getting the right to marry is a federal issue or a state one? (Republican vs. Democrat)
3. Is unilateral action OK or not (eg. Iraq) ? (Republican vs. Democract)
4. Should the balance of power be on the side of weath or work? (Republican vs. Democrat)
5. Should a woman's reproductive rights be administered by government choice or not? (Republican vs. Democrat)
6. Should the government get out of social services or provide them to everyone? (Republican vs. Democrat)

These are just high level concerns but they do show a set of differences between the two approaches. When Naderites say there isn't a difference, have them explain how those positions are similar.


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