Thursday, September 16, 2004

Follow up on the scorecard: Taliban lives, tries to kill Karzai

The situation in Afghanistan seems to be degrading quickly. While all (OK, some, the ones not concerned with the hurricane, the new TV season, Rathergate or any other diversion) eyes are Iraq, the first front in GWOT is spinning out of control. Just today, there was an attempt on Hamid Karzai's life. This is not good:

Taliban guerrillas, who have vowed to disrupt what will be Afghanistan's first ever direct presidential poll, quickly claimed responsibility, but the government said it was too early to say who was to blame.

Taliban military commander Mullah Abdur Rauf told Reuters the guerrillas learned of Karzai's trip on Wednesday and planned the attack. "Because of shortage of time, we could fire only one rocket. It was launched by remote control," he said.

... could someone please take care of the Taliban, which is a known supporter of Al Qaida and thus directly involved in 9/11.


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